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Purchasing property in the Sea-to-Sky

The Competitive Advantage

To gain a competitive edge when it comes to making a successful offer, you need to be prepared going in, and work with an agent that knows the local market. It is important for buyers is to find an agent who specializes in your area and in the type of product you’re looking for. An agent who’s acting for you that understands the nuances of your situation and will help you manage expectations and get the home you want at the price you can afford.


REALTOR® Resources

Realtors are trained negotiators who can help buyers who may be swayed by the emotional aspect of purchasing a home and the intensity of bidding wars.  Especially for the first-time buyer, it can be quite stressful.  A Realtor can guide you through that process.  

Realtors have exclusive information and resources to help buyers put together a winning offer.  

  • will help you adopt a sound negotiation strategy and negotiate on your behalf

  • assess market trends by reviewing current home sale data on the MLS® & Whistler Listing Service (WLS)

  • advise on any development plans in the neighbourhood

  • review any past permits taken out for the property

  • assist with the many forms used in a transaction

  • help you determine an appropriate offer


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